Some of the most common problems trans women encounter in relationships

You can either change him or you can't accept him as he is

There is nothing more off-putting to a man than meeting a transgender dating women who wants to impress and then having her immediately turn him into the latest project she's trying to complete. Maybe it's criticizing the way he dresses, insulting his table manners, or laughing at his appearance or grooming habits. Trans women have the means to do this because they are natural caregivers, but frankly, it usually doesn't work out well for either party and makes both parties feel bad. At best, unsolicited advice is usually unwelcome. At worst, they are insulting and castrating. People want to be seen, heard, and appreciated. If you feel the need to change him with your whining, teasing, teasing or even unsolicited "helpful hints," then let me ask you a question: what would you think if he did this to you?

You don't know what men do for you

At the other extreme, transgender women don't know their worth, and it's the self-countered trans women who seem to think they "deserve" something. They don't appreciate a man who has chosen to spend time with her, talent or wealth. In fact, they have a right attitude. You might be surprised at how many grindr trans women maintain relationships with men - or even multiple men - for gifts and prizes. It's not unheard of for a transgender woman to accept a free dinner, order the most expensive item on the menu, then disappear, or be busy when a man asks her out again. If you think "gold digger" sounds bad, consider what it's like to be a recipient of this behavior. Ladies, you're not the only one with a trust problem. If you've ever treated a man this way before, know that some of your struggles with trans dating may be karma karma for your ts dating. Using others for your own benefit is not only unattractive, it is untenable.

You create drama, not memory

As I said before, men are relatively simple creatures who manipulate the world through logic and reason - there's no point in constantly getting excited. They like to prove their worth by solving problems and simplifying things. When they are not working, they tend to be relaxed and easygoing, and they are usually not willing to waste energy if they do not see the potential benefits. That's why when trans women get emotional and upset, men quickly tire of the drama. The thing to note is that if you like the attention you get when you whip things up, it can become a very short-term gain, if you know what I mean.