How do you stay in a casual relationship without losing yourself?

Many people fall in love with their casual quick flirt partners very easily and even lose themselves after they get close to them. And the worst thing that can happen is that you can get so deep into the relationship that you can't breathe. I don't think this is the kind of situation that people who are looking for casual hookup partners want to see, right? Because in many cases, human emotions are very difficult to control, even if you are a very rational person, you may not be able to control your feelings or emotions in a moment. I can understand such a thing. In order not to lose yourself in a casual relationship, here are some tips you can follow.

Don't rely on your casual hookup partner. Many people cling to the feeling of psychological or physical comfort which their friends with benefits hook up partner brings to them. As a result, they expect their partner to spend more time with them. To prevent this from happening, you'd better put on your clothes and leave the hotel or the other person's apartment after the one-night stand immediately. Don't stay too long, because the longer you stay, the more you want to get out of someone.

Shift your focus. If you already got what you wanted from a one night dating, don't expect more from your partner, and now you need to shift your focus. Don't keep your attention on your casual hookup partner all the time, don't wait for him to send you a message, and don't keep going over and over your conversation’s history. Doing so will only get you deeper in the mess relationship. Try to distract yourself with something else, like doing something you love, learning something new, or getting some friends to go out with you. In a word, you shouldn't focus your attention on your one night hook up date.

Don't confide to your casual dating date too much, because the more you confide in someone, the more likely you are to treat them as a lover, rather than a one night dating partner. Remember, you are in a casual relationship, and there is no long-term commitment between you. Never consider your hookup date as your lover, or you will be hurt in some way.

After a one night stand, don't contact again unless you just want to get the other party’s body again. Because frequent contact also leads to deeper feelings for each other. That's more than either of you can afford, and it can lead to a relationship going to extremes. If you are really lost in a one-night stand, tell your friends, because I believe they are more objective than what you see.

To sum up from what I've said above, you need to be less in touch with your hook up partner and not care too much about them in order not to lose yourself. You'll make yourself feel more relax and really enjoy your date.