There is actually something can be done before your hormone replacement therapy. For some shemales, they can even go to a trans dating without being clocked before any therapy conducted. These are several things you can do to make yourself more like a woman.

Take time to care for your hands and body by applying cream. This is a good way to add femininity to your characteristics. You should really make some time for yourself. Now, I use body cream to smooth the skin of my face and body every day. I enjoy such things. I think it is like a connection between me and femininity. Now, I can really feel that my skin has never been so soft and smooth.

When I was learning how to do make up, I found that watching tutorial on Youtube is also a very helpful and economical method. You can search the key word such as “make up”, “passable”, “transgender”, etc. There will be a lot of videos related, which you can learn freely. Until now, I think this method is the most valuable one in perfecting my makeup skill. Every time I went out for a transgender dating, I would be praised for my delicate make up. Plus, you can efficiently kill your spare time which might be used miserably if it wasn’t that way.

I still remember the day I was prescribed with hormone treatment in a London clinic. That was the best day of my life. My transitioning period lasted for nearly 3 years. For many transgender women, this is still a major issue, because 3 years is not so short, sometimes even longer. I wished for many times that I would not be clocked again in my next transgender dating and yet it was hard to achieve my dream. There are some transgender women who are not able to afford the expensive therapy and surgeries and they have to wait even longer. The ever-lasting waiting list and family stress could lead to depression, loneliness and anxiety, which are the symptoms of gender dysphoria.

When I just started to transition, I have many negative feelings, which ruined my attitude towards it and influenced my ability to work and live. When I was in my depression, I decided to change another transitioning plan. I couldn’t live like this any longer. I had to do something to deal with my gender dysphoria. Later, I did create some useful movements and changes to help me get through my transitioning and even better, I became more feminine than before.

You just need a little voice training and you will find out how flexible and feminine your voice can be. Just take some time on training your voice in a higher-pitched and thinner way. You can also watch some Youtube tutorials. Search the key words such as “transgender voice training”, “how to feminize voice”, etc. You can also invest in some voice training classed if you think it is necessary. But basically, you can all start by singing and imitating some female singers. Practice makes it perfect. There is no other simple way to achieve this.